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2014 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Climate Change and 100 Million Person Cities

December 8, 2014

Speakers: Tom Wigley | Steffen Lehmann | Amie Albrecht

Hosted by: Bernie Hobbs

Thanks to the latest research from a host of the world’s most respected climate scientists like Tom Wigley, the weight of evidence pointing to the human role in changing our weather is now beyond compelling. Consequently, if their forecasts of climate change increases do occur, life in our most densely populated areas face an unprecedented and urgent call to action.               

With 26 cities on the planet currently housing between 10 and 20 million people each and projections of a future with 11 billion people on the planet including the first 100 million person cities, this panel looks at up to date research on how and why our climate may change and how our built environs and transport systems must adapt to accommodate life in future mega cities.