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2020 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Outrage and Optimism

SPEAKERS: Christiana Figueres

HOST: Sabra Lane

Former UN Secretary for Climate, Christiana Figures, and Tom Rivett-Carnac, her UN political strategist, are the architects and driving force behind the landmark 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement when 194 countries, including the EU and China, signed up to collectively tackle the climate emergency.

Their mission however didn’t stop in Paris. It continues to empower the world to make a difference for the sake of future generations via international campaigns, engagements and initiatives such as Global Optimism, Mission 2020, Profiles of Paris, Future Stewards, the podcast – Outrage and Optimism, and a new book titled The Future We Choose to be released in March featuring ten things we can do today to make a difference.

Join Christiana in conversation with Sabra Lane as she discusses how the final hour, can still be our finest hour.

2020 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - We Can Still Fix This

SPEAKERS: Damon Gameau, Will Steffen, Michelle Lim and Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor

HOST: Bernie Hobbs

The planet is suffering because humans have failed to listen and act. We have failed to act responsibly as individuals and governments have failed to listen to the scientific consensus and act fast.

Despite being faced with unprecedented biodiversity loss, mass species extinctions and the dire consequences of a world not meeting the 2015 Paris climate change pledges, our panel however is still optimistic.

Find out why in a discussion about protecting, restoring, funding and the revolutionary and transformative changes they’re supporting to fix the mess we have collectively created.

2020 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - I’m so tired of waking up tired

Are we in the midst of a sleep loss epidemic?

Greg Roach, Jill Dorrian and Danny Eckert

HOST: Deb Tribe

A good diet and exercise have dominated our media and social feeds as the answer to a long and healthy life. But is a silent sleep loss epidemic the greatest health challenge of the new 24/7 society we live in? Some have suggested, ‘the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life’ - but is it as simple as that?

How much sleep do you need to be healthy?

Join three internationally respected sleep researchers as they talk about the secrets of sleep and what we can do as individuals and a society to improve our waking life through better sleep.

2020 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Big Tech, data ethics and bias in the age of algorithms

SPEAKERS: Robert Elliott Smith, Julia Powles, and Peter Lewis

HOST: Marc Fennell

Our personal data has become the most valuable commodity the world has ever seen, yet most of us happily give it away for free to the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (Big Tech).

These companies have in turn used this data to accumulate extraordinary wealth, power and influence through mostly unseen and largely unaccountable algorithms and AI that interpret, manipulate and control every aspect of our contemporary digital life.

So can we trust Big Tech to always ‘not be evil’?

Join our excellent panel of tech thinkers for a discussion about the future use and misuse of our data.

2020 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Being Seen and Heard

The power and passion in the student climate strike movement.

Doha Khan, Harriet O’Shea Carre, Milou Albrecht

HOST: Tory Shepherd

They can’t vote but they’re angry, fearful for the future and demanding to be heard by governments around the world. Passionate, smart and informed, these students have helped to create a thunderous collective voice for change that is hard to ignore.

Doha, Harriet and Milou are three of the leaders of the Australian Student Strike for Climate movement. They’ve played a key part in one of the largest environmental movements the world has ever seen with millions demonstrating in more than 4500 locations across 130 countries.

Their message is clear - act now - because their lives depend on it.

But who’s listening? We are. And you should too.

2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - The Fight for the Bight Against Big Oil

SPEAKERS: Peter Owen, Bunna Lawrie and Jodie Rummer

HOST: Clare Press

Peter Owen (The Wilderness Society), Bunna Lawrie (Mirning Elder and Coloured Stone frontman) and Jodie Rummer (marine scientist, James Cook University) represent a large and growing movement of concerned people, councils, businesses, industries, environmental and scientific organisations opposing the proposed drilling by Norwegian oil company Equinor in The Great Australian Bight.

It’s a David versus Goliath battle in one of the most pristine and diverse ocean environments left on Earth. On one side, Equinor’s supporters point to jobs and economic benefits for the state, while the other highlights oil-spill modelling that shows catastrophic consequences for fisheries and tourism industries worth over $1.5 billion collectively per annum. The risks are real and battle lines are drawn. Find out what the future holds for oil drilling in the Bight.

2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Adani, Coal Wars, and the National Interest.

SPEAKERS: Quentin Beresford and David Ritter

HOST: Deb Tribe

Our Prime Minister recently declared the need for “fair dinkum power" when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining. But can this “fair dinkum power” be good for the planet, leaving the 90 per cent of the nation’s coal reserves in the ground estimated for Australia to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement?

Join Prof Quentin Beresford (author of Adani and the War on Coal) and David Ritter (Greenpeace CEO and author of The Coal Truth) as they discuss the Adani saga and the power behind our government’s passion for coal over a 100% renewable energy future.

2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Less Meat, Less Heat: Is the elephant in the room a cow?

SPEAKERS: Angie Plummer, Cecile Godde, Matthew Evans and Andy Lowe

HOST: Deb Tribe

Can we really tackle climate change without addressing our relationship with meat consumption and the livestock industry? Ditching the snag on the BBQ and shifting to a more plant based diet is a demand-side solution but only half the consumption / production equation. What needs to be done to change a livestock industry that contributes 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? That’s even more than the transportation sector.

Inaugural Director of Food Innovation at the University of Adelaide, Andy Lowe, Less Meat Less Heat CEO Angie Plummer, CSIRO food systems scientist, Cecile Godde and farmer/SBS TV food documentary maker, Matthew Evans have a few thoughts on where to start, even if you don’t want to become a vegan.

2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - The Magic of Mushrooms: A mycelial path to saving the planet.

SPEAKERS: Gavin McIntyre, Brian Pickles, Alison Pouliot and Mike Hornblow

HOST: Robyn Williams

Fungi preceded trees and animals on the Earth by hundreds of millions of years, and they’ll be cleaning humanity’s mess long after we’re gone. But can the humble ‘shroom help us save the planet right now? Bioneer Gavin McIntyre from ground breaking New York biofabrication company Ecovative Design, mycologists Brian Pickles and Alison Pouliot, and interdisciplinary designer Mike Hornblow are certain they can.

Fungi are saving the planet daily by energy cycling ecosystems, decomposing organic matter and feeding plants and animals. Now, scientists are also harnessing their mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms – to save the planet. They’re growing incredible sustainable materials to replace the use of wood, foam, bricks, leather, and plastics. They’ve even discovered fungi that eat plastic, clean up petrochemicals, absorb radiation, filter wastewater and treat a range of illnesses and immune-mediated conditions! Here’s to a fungi future.

2019 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - The Party Room podcast: Live!

SPEAKERS: Fran Kelly, Patricia Karvelas, Senator Penny Wong and Minister Simon Birmingham.

Radio National’s brilliant politics podcast The Party Room comes out of the studio and into the Park for the first time. Join two of Australia’s most respected journalist broadcasters, Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas, plus special guests Senator Wong and Minister Birmingham as they analyse and interpret the latest issues from Canberra affecting our world.