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2016 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Words, Pictures and Climate Change Pitches

Speakers: Dee Madigan | Jane Caro | First Dog on the Moon

Host: Tory Shepherd

Can effectively communicating facts about climate change make any difference to how people vote in the next election? What is the PR pollution clouding carbon politics? Is it possible to make an issue this complex simple enough to get good decisions within our short-term electoral cycle? This panel of communications gurus and a canine political cartoon commentariat are masters of words and pictures, so what’s their world-saving climate change action pitch?

2016 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Should We Trust Scientists?

Speakers: Naomi Oreskes | Tanya Monro | Karl Kruszelnicki

Host: Paul Willis

Is economic growth possible if we truly address climate change or will a transition require serious economic pain before any gain? Is coal about to disappear as fast as Kodak did and, if so, can new energy technologies deliver a ‘win-win’ for the environment and the economy? This panel features some of our foremost economic and political minds discussing the possibility of a new economy and clean growth.

2015 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - I’m Not A Climate Scientist But…

Speakers: Andrew Denton, Rod Quantock, Hannah Gadsby

Host: Robyn Williams

Climate change is no laughing matter … or is it? Science or satire - how do we best communicate climate science and the urgency to act on the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced? Do more people turn to Will Ferrell’s climate change YouTube clips or Al Gore pie charts and PowerPoints for the truth? Are people more likely to share on social media Leigh Sales’ 7.30 interview with the world’s leading climate scientists or US political satirist John Oliver’s interviews with them? Who makes more sense of carbon politics, Andrew Bolt or Shaun Micallef? All will be revealed. Sit back and listen to the (comedy) experts.