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2015 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - Can Human Beings Be Well When The Planet Is Sick?

Speakers: Paul Willis, Emily Johnston, Ingo Weber

Host: Bernie Hobbs

Is health the forgotten latecomer to climate change? The change in global temperatures is already causing significant stresses on human populations and we'll need to adapt to a hotter climate regardless of successful emissions reductions. What is the impact likely to be and how might we mitigate it? Our panel of health and science experts discuss what climate change means to our health and well-being.


2015 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - The Silver Lining in the Cloud of Climate Change

Speakers: Cecilia Woolford, Peter Langridge, Bob Brown

Host: Robyn Williams

Are our climate-altering activities hurtling us towards a bleak fate or is this the catalyst for a new era of environmentally sustainable ideas and innovation? Are we witnessing the dawning of an unstoppable wave of action and leadership? According to our panelists we do have the ideas, innovation, motivation and people to give us the hope that we can and will respond to the challenge. Listen to our visionary panel discuss the optimistic future they have seen emerging in business, agriculture, politics and society.


2014 WOMADelaide Planet Talks - The Captain Kirk & Dr. Spock of Communicating Climate Change

Speakers: Annabel Crabb | Tory Shepherd | Tanya Ha

Hosted by: Robyn Williams

The Media, MPs and Mothers all play vital roles in shaping our emotional (Kirk) and rational (Spock) attitudes to environmental action.

How do they frame a climate change message in ways that are relevant, accurate and meaningful to their audiences?

Our panel of expert science, environment and politics communicators discuss some of the social, cultural, political and psychological machinations behind the things we see, hear and read about climate change.